Earlier this month, Carbon Culture launched its brand new platform that it says is poised to shake up the energy and sustainability sector and help buyers make better informed decisions.

Carbon Culture is a digital marketplace that helps organisations with net zero carbon ambitions find the products and services that can help them to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Carbon Culture assesses, curates and organises potential partners around core customer objectives. Their mission is to reduce the noise and make the process of selecting a partner much easier. The platform eliminates industry jargon, challenges empty claims and enables a prospective buyer to compare products and services on a level playing field. For vendors, Carbon Culture acts as a free marketing tool, helping them to clarify the true value they have to offer and find the ideal customer.

Energy and sustainability is a rapidly growing sector, but there isn’t a clear classification of products and services on offer to prospective buyers. Everyone is claiming to satisfy every use case and organisations are misled and letdown. Buyers are confused and end up committing to long term contracts with partners who aren’t aligned to their goals. Organisations are at the mercy of vendors looking to make a quick buck. They don’t have the information they need to make sound buying decisions.

Carbon Culture helps buyers to understand which products and services are best suited to help them achieve their short, medium and long term objectives. By guiding them through the buying process, Carbon Culture puts the buyer in the driving seat. The systematic approach to comparison means that buyers can compare apples with apples in terms of the value on offer to them, not endless lists of features and functionality.

The few means of comparison available right now are simply inadequate. They are either poorly researched and key players are missing, or worse, vendors are charged in order to be featured and can pay their way to the top of the list. Carbon Culture operates purely on merit. All partners are welcome, providing they can justify their place based on the potential value they can offer.

To get started using Carbon Culture, head to carbonculture.io and you can begin comparing products and services immediately. A complete “Buyers Guide” is currently in the works to provide buyers with even more information regarding what products and services are available to them, and how to choose the right partner. Head to their website to register your interest and input on what topics should be covered.

For more information around how Carbon Culture can help your organisation achieve its Net Zero Carbon ambitions, please feel free to get in touch at jon@carbonculture.io).