Business Continuity, is more than just being able to answer the phones, it requires serious Power Continuity strategy from Power Continuity Ltd.

Loss of power, whether random or an actual power outage will test the seamless functionality of your present business continuity contingency.

Who needs Business Continuity?

Power Continuity Engineers can prevent any power outage disruption allowing you to get on with your business rather than fretting about whether your BC plans work out in practice or not.
How do we do that? By Installing a Power Continuity fully automatic NO Break power supply system. Firstly, we carry out a detailed power survey to identify your power risks to ensure continuity of your business, whatever happens to GRID power, then secondly, we design from the ground up your very own bespoke automatic fully installed Power Continuity System to ensure that after installation, external power outages won’t find your business continuity plan wanting..

Total Power Continuity 365 days of the year. Total Business Continuity.

So why Power Continuity?

Power Continuity Ltd. is our name and Power Continuity is what we install.NO BREAK Power Protection ‘kicks in’ automatically to prevent any loss of production or Data. Power Continuity will also eliminate ALL and EVERY disruption caused by random power dips, spasmodic brown outs, over voltages as well as undervoltages. We design, build and install UPS systems backed up by rapid start diesel generators ensuring you have Power Contro.


We fully understand that all businesses are vulnerable to power loss, so let’s prevent them before they happen. At Power Continuity, we turn your concept into 3D visualisations ready for design sign off. Our own ‘in house’ engineers. build & pre-assemble the heartbeat of the installation way before arriving at your location to carry out the delivery & positioning, followed by the complete operational installation. Site mains fail test, proves our system works, leaving you to get on with a profitable business.
100%automatic NO Break power protection installed solution, from conception to implementation for total 100% power loss prevention

Your Future in capable hands

With almost 30 years, installed NO Break Power Protection Solutions experience, look no further for GENUNE Power Continuity it has to be Power Continuity Ltd.

PCS Engineers, operate every day of the year, power protecting the most well-known companies in the UK. A secure future requires a depend

able, reliable, guaranteed electrical supply, that you can power control yourself. The GRID is fine but you still need to work when the GRID isn’t available. Time to install the best Power Continuity available to ensure your company doesn’t lose power.

What’s New?

Power Continuity designs the best automatic power protection systems in the UK from concept through to implementation.

With almost 30 year’s experience, of NO Break Power Protection , look no further it’s Power Continuity for 100% Power Continuity.

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Business Continuity requires Power Continuity