Most plant engineers face a challenge to reduce boiler running costs, due to increasing fuel prices rises. However, one option being considered more and more by companies is the long term hire of boilers.

Michael Rutter, sales engineer of Byworth Boiler Hire commented, “Long term hire has a number of advantages. Not only is the problem of capital outlay for new plant alleviated, but hire also ensures the very latest, highly efficient boiler and equipment is made available. In addition, long term hire gives companies the flexibility to react to any reduction or increase in heat requirements.”

One company that has seen the benefit of long term boiler hire is Stowmarket-based PPG Industries. Originally the paint manufacturer had two ten tonne boilers running on heavy fuel oil. An in-depth steam survey undertaken by East Anglia University to check the efficiency of this plant revealed that it was experiencing significant annual losses in heat.

PPG’s maintenance manager, Jim Mackay, was tasked with the job of overcoming the problem. Initially a 500kg/hr steam boiler from Byworth was hired and the company is now in the third year of a five year contract.

PPG is delighted with the savings it has made and the service it has received from Byworth, as McKay explained, “Over the three years running two extremely efficient boilers has led to considerable savings on running costs.”

He added “Maintenance and servicing were also included in the favourable terms we were able to negotiate which meant further savings and what’s more, Byworth’s engineers are just a phone call away. We are now looking to convert the boilers from light oil to gas which will give us even more savings.”