Over the last 12 months, the UK energy crisis has hit the headlines and caused a major concern for businesses; as the crisis now moves from the headlines to hit the balance sheets, Alpha Solutions have entered the energy business, partnering with one of the leading procurement companies in the UK to help companies alleviate the burden and uncertainty facing them.

Energy has remained an overhead consistently on the forecast spreadsheets at a reasonablyconstant and affordable level; but with elements such as China’s post-Covid bounce back causing a massive demand for energy and Russian ‘gas games’ producing huge increases inprices, the energy we need to keep our businesses going is now increasing and predicted to keep rising for the years ahead.

Alpha Energy has access to over 15 different energy companies meaning that they find the right price and level of service to suit your business and, most importantly, lock these prices in, so their clients can take the guessing out of their future energy expenditure.

With the ability to find the best deals no matter the size of your business, Alpha Energy can provide a lock-in contract for up to five years, meaning these savings will be in place for the duration of the contract. Alpha Energy have already been able to provide clients with significant savings and have been contracted well in advance of an existing supplier’s expiration date.

Matthew Longley, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Alpha Solutions said: “Our Energy Health Checks and tailored approach, gives high levels of savings and provides certainty and peace of mind for our clients. Our leading Energy Consultants and Smart Technology reduces your energy consumption, minimizes your carbon footprint, and ensures your bill is right! We are proud to be partnered with such an established procurement company, ensuring consistency and forward planning for the years to come. We have enjoyed facilitating future savings for manybusinesses across multiple industries and we are looking forward to helping many more.”

Alpha Energy is an Alpha Solutions Product and part of the Alpha Family: Creating Synergy through Quality and Integrity. Alpha Solutions have looked after clients’ needs for over 35 yearsby providing quality products and services that help and improve businesses become moreprofitable, whilst also enhancing business leaders’ lifestyles outside of the office.