A large data centre’s chillers have just been given valuable protection from contamination through the fitment of RABScreen air intake screens. 

The Hibernia Atlantic data centre is located on a one acre site on the north west coast at Southport in Lancashire.  It’s a remote location surrounded by fields and the chiller cabinets would normally be subject to local airborne debris in the form of seed, pollen, leaves and insects.  However, this quickly changed when adjacent land was sold off for housebuilding development.  The two-year development project has massively increased the amount of airborne debris, not only from increased traffic but also the dust from construction.

Paul Hanstock Air Conditioning Ltd which installed the chiller cabinets and which provides quarterly servicing recognised the potential contamination problem and has specified RABScreen air intake screens as the solution to the problem.

RAB Specialist Engineers Ltd surveyed the site and subsequently supplied and fitted large RABScreen filter media up to 15ft in length to cover all sides of the three Daikin chiller cabinets.  The screens were made with 32mm borders and easily fitted onto the cabinets using stainless steel grommets.

Paul Hanstock, Managing Director of the air conditioning company has been delighted with the installation, commenting, “We are really happy with the way the installation went and the RABScreens will certainly protect the coils and keep them contamination-free.  From this experience, we are very likely to use RABScreens on another site later in the year”. The RABScreens are likely to reduce the maintenance requirements by the air conditioning company every quarter and there should also be energy savings through the more efficient running of the air conditioning system. Just 1mm of dirt can reduce efficiency by 21%.

Further information on RABScreen air intake screens is available on 01635 248633 by emailing info@RABScreen.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.RABScreen.com