UK industry can now start the process of implementing a decentralised energy solution to their facilities, after Aggreko officially launches its bridging gap service.

With the UK’s demand for mains grid power expected to outstrip supply by 2026, companies are being urged to adopt alternative energy solutions for their requirements. Aggreko’s offering, which is said to be a first in the rental market, comprises of three main products: gas generators; combined heat and power (CHP) packages; and battery storage. All available to hire, the solutions enable companies to adjust power needs to suit current demand, delivering greater efficiency and cost savings.

The new service means UK industry can immediately reap the benefits of decentralised energy, breaking down the barriers put in place by the significant capital investment required for a reliable source of energy. Avoiding the high up-front costs, companies utilising the new service can start work on building a permanent off grid solution for the future.

One of the key benefits of the Aggreko decentralised energy solution is that it enables organisations to keep pace with the latest technology, therefore mitigating the risk against technical obsolescence. The hire solution can also save manufacturers up to 80 per cent of the lifecycle cost, as there is no need to pay for any running costs. 

With the government promising to confirm its plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions in line with its targets, including within energy, the CHP service Aggreko is providing could particularly support this. CHP allows companies to make significant savings by harnessing the waste heat that is generated, resulting in reliable, cost-effective energy.

The new proposition follows Aggreko’s recent report, which found that cost, technical resource and impact on production were key barriers to implementing a decentralised energy solution. Based on a survey of 200 UK energy decision-makers across industry, many respondents remain reluctant to actively consider alternative methods of generating electricity.

Chris Rason, managing director of Aggreko UK, said: “We truly understand the dilemma facing UK industry when it comes to decentralised energy. Our recent survey showed us, and the UK, that there is appetite to implement the technology but there are clear barriers in the way.

“Our unique service allows UK industry to end their reliance on the grid, while provides an opportunity to save and prepare for a full decentralised energy model. One of the key benefits is that you keep up-to-date with the latest technology advancements, meaning your energy won’t be outdated. All of this can be implemented without the heavy installation costs and CAPEX restraints, as the rental includes operation, set-up and management of the service.”