The ABB HVAC drive, ACH580, is designed specifically for a wide range of HVAC applications. With harmonic mitigation, an intuitive operating panel and native BACnet (and Modbus) communications, the drive is suited for the uninterrupted performance required of mission-critical applications such as hospitals and data centres, while achieving the ambient comfort necessary for maximum productivity in commercial buildings, such as offices and schools.

The drive operates accurately with any type of HVAC motor, including induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors. It can also be integrated with any major automation system, communicates in familiar HVAC languages, controls motors up to 250 kW and is plug-in-ready to install.

A streamlined HVAC-specific menu and control panel assistants allow quick and easy commissioning. Industry needs such as PID loop controllers and motor heating capabilities are built-in, standard features.

The prominent capabilities of the ABB HVAC drive, ACH580, include:

· Energy efficiency: The ACH580 has the highest efficiency class for a drive – IE2. It also provides superior efficiency with all motor types. The ACH580 drive and IE4 SynRM motor package delivers the best performance in the most energy efficient manner available on the market today. Energy savings are calculated internally and can be sent back to the BMS via fieldbus. The drive also includes variable-speed internal fans, further saving energy.

· Simplicity: Simple out-of-the-box commissioning via the new superior keypad ensures simple set-up. All essential hardware needs are included such as IP55 and IP21 enclosures with the same footprint, reducing installation space. The drive can also be supplied with an IP55W (weatherproof) enclosure, suitable for outdoor mounting. The drive comes complete with a rear back plate ensuring it can be mounted in “free space” as well as onto a flat surface.

· Reliability: The ACH580 provides up-to-date and accurate system efficiency information, monitoring how much energy has been saved, and providing advanced notice of possible maintenance needs for the drive or the driven load. State-of-the-art accelerated life testing during development and 100 percent testing on real motors in production ensure reliable product at point of delivery.

· Easy integration: Embedded HVAC communications allow users to control applications, report findings and perform diagnostics natively through embedded BACnet MS/TP and HVAC protocols.  BACnet IP over EtherNet can also be incorporated as an option.