Facilities management company, EMCOR Group (UK), has released a White Paper entitled ‘Facing the Future’ – an analysis of how facilities managers can unlock real economic benefits by encouraging and then adopting the use of energy efficient practices.

The key findings from the Paper include:

In the current economic climate, fewer businesses can afford the major capital investment required for entirely new, energy efficient infrastructure. Finding energy and resource saving improvements with older buildings is more likely to be the norm. Identifying areas for improvement within the existing infrastructure makes close cooperation between client and FM partner even more vital.

Innovative developments, including KPMG’s Canada Square building, are implementing FM controlled technology such as remote monitoring and advanced building diagnostics for tighter control of water and power consumption.

Many of the areas where these energy efficiency gains are being made (such as lighting), are already the responsibility of FM companies. This will become more widespread as organisations and their FM suppliers work together to establish more effective energy and resource policies.

As facilities management providers are often directly involved with their clients’ energy and resource consumption, they now play an increasingly significant role in helping to develop suitable policies and implement strategies to improve efficiencies and reduce overall business costs.

While environmental policies will be assessed and approved at board level, they still need employees’ support to succeed. This requires consistent internal education and communication programmes to ensure each individual understands the implications and is sufficiently motivated to participate. As businesses seek to reduce expenditure and comply with increasingly demanding legislation, identifying and achieving small gains to contribute to a greater cumulative effect, is likely to become more necessary and commonplace.

There is no doubt that the ramifications of diminishing carbon energy and resources pose substantial challenges for all businesses. These challenges must be met primarily due to increasing cost and safeguarding business continuity, and also to ensure compliance with legislation along with CSR commitments.

Facilities management has evolved in sophistication and scope to take greater responsibility for key aspects of clients’ operations. This allows FM providers to play an enhanced role in helping businesses reduce their energy consumption, costs and emissions. By identifying efficiencies, and determining which changes to working practices will have the greatest positive impact, FM companies can guide their clients to a more sustainable future, economically and environmentally.